Why Editors Have Job Security

I saw this on a broadcast TV commercial advertisement, a quick flash across the screen after live acting.   My first thought, “Has someone confused a hand-held mobile display with a TV screen?” My second thought, “Enough IS enough and I am mounting my editor’s high horse!”

A good editor would prevent this.  A good editor wants to make the reader’s (or viewer’s) task easier, not harder.  A good editor would consider whether the viewer has time to visually parse the typographical treatment in the medium used.  To improve comprehension of written text, avoid all-capitalized letters and separate the words.  Note how “Enough.  Is.  Enough.” conveys both the point and the exasperation.  Conventional punctuation with a capitalized “IS” for emphasis works equally well: “Enough IS enough!” Either treatment is far more effective than a dense BLOCKOFLETTERS, which can trick the eye and mangle the meaning.  (What’s a fletter, anyway?)

The next time I saw this TV ad, someone had at least had the sense to put the spaces in:

Next time: What does “woah” mean?

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