New Akoyans join Military Health Team in D.C.

CarrieAkoya is pleased to welcome three new staff members to our Military Health System (MHS) team. Carrie Petershagen joins the MHS team as the Communications Director of Puget Sound Military Health System in Washington State. Carrie brings 14 years of communications, marketing, and project management experience. In her new position she’ll provide support for the Department of Defense’s Enhanced Multi-Service Market and develop communications campaigns about health care services.

karenlKaren Lewis recently joined our MHS team as an account manager in health care operations. Karen has a diverse background in business development and sales. As an account manager in health care operations, she’s part of a multidisciplinary team supporting MHS strategic communications.


JenniferAnother recent addition to Akoya’s MHS team is Jennifer Benitz.  As a staff writer for, Jennifer researches, writes and edits a wide range of content related to the Military Health System for internal and external audiences. Before joining Akoya, she worked as a staff writer for ARMY Magazine.

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