Bringing Innovative Solutions to National Security

Contract Announcement

Nothing less than the best solutions of American industry, competitively sourced and rapidly deployed, will keep our nation ahead of pressing homeland security problems in an ever-changing threat environment. Akoya is proud to be contributing to ongoing procurement innovation efforts of the Department of Homeland Security under a new contract awarded in September by the DHS Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO). Through a dedicated onsite team, Akoya will be providing a range of communications and marketing services, including communications planning, writing and facilitation, graphic design, event planning and management, and webinar management.

We look forward to supporting the OCPO in cultivating a learning organization and in promoting innovative procurement approaches. Overarching goals are to help the OCPO leverage innovative approaches for the benefit of DHS program and contracting organizations, engage industry partners, train and empower employees, and position DHS as a leader among federal agencies in piloting and validating new models.

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