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Akoya Supports Nonprofits in DC and Pittsburgh

WTEF, WLP, and PERSAD logos

It’s springtime and Akoya is busy supporting nonprofits in the communities in which we live and work: The Washington Tennis & Education Foundation in Washington, DC; the Women’s Law Project in Pittsburgh; and Persad Center in Pittsburgh.

These important sponsorships come with tickets to some very cool events:


  • Washington Tennis & Education Foundation Tennis Ball, May 9, The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, DC (and a chance to play a match against James Blake)
  • Women’s Law Project’s Rights to Realities Reception, May 9, The Fairmont Hotel, Pittsburgh
  • Persad Center’s Art for Change Auction and Party, May 12, Wyndham Grand, Pittsburgh

Look us up if you’re there.

Akoya Supports DOE SSL R&D Workshop in Tampa

Akoya supported the 11th annual Department of Energy Solid-State Lighting (SSL) R&D workshop, held in Tampa, FL, in January. Several Akoya SSL team members were onsite, managing behind-the-scenes aspects of the event – from coordinating presentations, breakout sessions, and a poster reception to arranging a bus tour of nearby LED installations, and capturing the great interaction among attendees. This is one of three annual DOE SSL workshops for which Akoya provides event and communications support.

Akoya works with Jefferson Regional Foundation

Akoya is happy to be working with Jefferson Regional Foundation on their brand identity. The new grantmaking organization in Pittsburgh was formed in March 2013 when Jefferson Hospital merged with the Allegheny Health Network. The Foundation will improve the health and well-being of residents in southern Pittsburgh communities through grantmaking, education, and outreach.

DOE’s Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs Office Taps Akoya

Akoya has been awarded a contract to support DOE’s Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs Office with strategic communications and peer exchange services. Akoya will work with the State and Local Policy and Technical Assistance team, which equips state, local, tribal, and K-12 school district leaders with resources to pursue clean and efficient energy in their jurisdictions. Akoya brings more than a decade of experience in strategic communications and stakeholder engagement in the arena of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy technology.

Akoya Awarded Contract to Support Solid-State Lighting Communications

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has renewed Akoya’s contract for strategic communications support to the Solid-State Lighting program. Since 2003, Akoya has been helping PNNL promote the tremendous energy saving potential of solid-state lighting. Akoya plans and executes campaigns that address multiple constituencies critical to the transformation of the lighting market, including researchers, national laboratories, manufacturers, standards organizations, lighting designers, architects, and consumers. SSL products have begun building market share, but R&D continues to yield further energy savings, better performance, and more cost-effective manufacturing processes.

Shedding Light

Akoya’s Diane Allard used her knowledge of lighting gleaned through her Akoya work supporting the DOE Solid-State Lighting program to recommend long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lights during a recent community service project. Diane was part of a volunteer team that made repairs to an Arlington, VA, community home for adults with intellectual disabilities. The LED screw-ins used to replace the existing, unsafe bathroom light fixtures will provide better lighting for many years at a lower cost. Diane volunteered for Rebuilding Together, a non-profit organization that provides critical repairs and renovations for low-income homeowners across the United States, using her Akoya annual volunteer hours.

Akoya Produces

Akoya director of media Robert Matzen recently directed six local actors, nine extras, and a crew of 10 through a week of video shoots at locations throughout Pittsburgh. Akoya managed all production aspects for two courses of training and development videos for Development Dimensions International, a worldwide leader in talent development and management based out of Pittsburgh. Learn more about our video development and other core competencies.

Akoya Expands GSA Schedule Offerings

Government Speak: Under GSA Contract GS-07F-062AA, Akoya was awarded a full suite of special item numbers (SINs) covered by the Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) Schedule for services, including public relations, commercial art and graphic design, video/film production, web based marketing, and conference, events, and tradeshow planning.

Plain Speak: Federal customers can tap Akoya’s expertise in public relations, commercial art and graphic design, video/film production, web based marketing, and conference, events, and tradeshow planning through a new contracting vehicle.

Learn more about Akoya contracting.

Initiative Launched for Expert Advanced-Energy Workforce

Making commercial buildings less energy intensive will deliver savings to American businesses as well as reduce carbon emissions. It will also create jobs for American workers with the right skills and credentials. But what are the “right” credentials? Today, there are no consistent, industry-recognized definitions of quality for training and professional certifications. Akoya is excited to be supporting a new initiative being launched by the U.S. Department of Energy to address this issue: the Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines. Learn more at www.buildings.energy.gov/workforce.

Akoya wins 5-year HHS Contract

Akoya will continue to work with the great team at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Division of Transplantation to increase the number of designated organ, eye, and tissue donors nationally. In September, we were awarded a 5-year contract to provide communications, program support, and stakeholder engagement services to the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Workplace Partnership for Life initiative, a program we’ve been supporting since its inception in 2001. Learn more about our work with HHS.

From Light Bulbs to IT Troubleshooting in 0.10 Seconds

Even the smallest decisions can have major consequences when you are Akoya’s Director of Business Operations—including selecting the coffee. For many people, the morning’s first cup can be the deciding factor in how productive their day will become.

And when you factor in major decisions like whether to go with IT infrastructure or cloud computing, you get a good idea of the wide range of skills necessary to support a busy small business like Akoya.

Several “stock” responsibilities go along with the title, but the critical pieces that separate the amateurs from the pros:


  • The ability to multitask without forgetting three hours later where you left off on the previous task.
  • Organizational skills, meticulous recordkeeping, and a good memory. Two years from now, when you’re scrambling to get a failed hard drive repaired, you’ll need to remember where you filed that warranty, contract, or invoice.
  • Great communication skills, including the ability to stop short the unsolicited vendor before he begins his sales pitch.
  • The curiosity needed to learn and solve problems, because no matter how much you think you know, inevitably you’ll be asked to solve a problem that you’ve never dealt with before (thank goodness for the Internet!).

But the number-one skill set a Director of Business Operations needs is a great sense of humor and the ability to laugh—even at oneself—every now and then.