stops along the way

  • “On my route to DC, over old Rt. 40 to 68, is Jumonville Glen, where George Washington fought his first battle and Fort Necessity, where he fought his second. I also love the Waffle House, in Hagerstown, MD on 1-70. It is closest to my heart, although not good for my heart.” — Robert Matzen
  • “When I make the trip from Buffalo, NY to the Pittsburgh office, I always make a stop at Tim Hortons (Café and Bake Shop) in Erie, PA. I pick up coffee for myself and 2 dozen apple fritters for my Pittsburgh colleagues. I then use the apple fritters as a bribe in exchange for one of their parking spaces —I always have a taker.” — Karen Marchese
  • “I love stopping at Berkeley Springs, WV for a dunk in the minerals and a pummeling by the masseuse.” — Nancy Reese
  • “When traveling from Pittsburgh to DC, I always check out the 13-mile stretch of abandoned PA turnpike near Breezewood, PA. Rays Hill Tunnel has a ghostly feel."— Reese McArdle
  • “Definitely Alexander’s Restaurant in Buckeystown, MD” — Dan Sperling
  • “I highly recommend the excellent potato chip selection at the Gateway service plaza in Breezewood, PA, which offers a range of southern- and northern-style barbeque chips that you can’t find in Pittsburgh.” – Wendy Graves
  •  “Sofie always enjoys a visit to the Omni Bedford Springs Resort to relax and refresh. The air is crisp, the grass is green, and there is always chilled spring water in her bowl.” — Holly Wray on behalf of Sofie Wray
  • “I always give a wave to my niece, Becky, as we pass the NIST Campus just north of Washington, DC, where she works. But my favorite (of course) is stopping to shop at the outlets in Hagerstown, MD.”
  • “Just past Breezewood, PA there is a spectacular view of a meadow, which is beautiful in every season.” — Karen Oleyar