Social Media work by Akoya

Social Media

The right social strategy personalizes your connection with stakeholders. So how do you translate that connection into mission success? We’ll help you create and execute an integrated strategy that measurably advances your organization’s goals.

Stakeholder Research work by Akoya

Stakeholder Outreach

Partnerships require trust … and trust requires effective communication. Akoya can help you build productive relationships with influential stakeholders and affinity groups to magnify your reach and multiply your impacts.

Planning and Program Support

Standing up a new program or initiative? Akoya can help you build the plan and get the key players on the same page. We also support the sustained communications strategies that keep all your essential stakeholders engaged.

Events, Webinars, and Presentations work by Akoya

Events, Webinars, and Presentations

Picture a stage. Compelling speakers, lively interactions, engaging exhibits, rave reviews. If you’ve ever organized an event, live or virtual, you know none of this happens without outstanding backstage support. That’s where Akoya excels.